Thursday, 20 August 2020

OTHERS AILYOS 2019 Leysin Switzerland


This installation of five ‘invisible’ figures is created to acknowledge the displaced, alien and imported members of the AILYOS community.

It is a tribute to the people who though, not indigenous, inform and enrich the community.

Inspired by a chance meeting of refugees housed in Leysin and my own experiences as a third culture citizen who attended The American College of Switzerland, the work examines the dance between local and foreign, familiar and foreign.

It invites questions regarding the positive impact outsiders have on the local economy, culture and customs. 

On a wider stage, it asks how the principles by which we construct our immigration policies and rules of acceptance or rejection of refugees and the displaced are determined.  

Also importantly, once policies have been created how are they humanely and fairly implemented and maintained?  Most positively the work acknowledges the contributions made by ‘Others’.

The installation is not site specific.  Has no reference to it’s immediate location but uses the region as a back-drop to illustrate the ultimate goal in incorporating these desperate factors that ultimately there is a paradox that though seemingly different, we all share the same fears, loves and hopes and while not indigenous we blend in and are all uniquely part of a whole family

Eve Spiral, AILYOS Leysin Switzerland 2018

Eve Spiral is a continuum of work inspired by a personal muse, the Venus of Willendorf.  


This collection of 18 ascending figures is site specific and made for AILYOS Art and Nature project.  The Eves are press moulded, individually finished and have natural feathers to assist in their journey skywards. 


Words are powerful tools.  We all know the effect a positive or negative word has and how the energy of words influences our lives. 

Each Eve carries intentions of encouragement and affirmation. As a result, their positive messages create collective of good will.  

The viewer is invited to interact with these joyful creatures by  adding words/thoughts of support and good wishes thus magnifying the message and increasing the energy on the symbolic spiralling path to understanding and knowledge. 

The Eve Spiral is a vehicle for instructing and reminding us of the options we have to select positivity as a force for change and growth.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

New Eve Selection for Amani Harmonic Foundation

A portion of Eves created as fund raisers for the Amani Harmonic Foundation -

Affirmation Labyrinth

Saddened by the results of the presidential elections in November of 2016 I contacted my friends, students and colleagues to collect words of affirmation in as many languages possible.  I used these words to form the basis of a labyrinth, a path of positivity to create balance.
The words are burned into my studio floor and are a reminder of the good things and people I have encountered in my life. 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ramsgate New Years Day Spiral

It was impossible weather - seas high winds howling but Peter and I ventured out on a nearly deserted January 1st Ramsgate beach.  Here we mad a huge and surprisingly accurate spiral.  This picture was taken about 500 ft above the spiral.  There was something majestic and simple about starting the year with a new path and spiral, as it happened, a prophetic symbol for what was to become a major event in my experience - a subdural haematoma.   
It was also my New Years card for 2017

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

100 Mile Dance

Frost Drawing, Dec 28 2016

 This was a 'frost drawing' I created late in 2016 which became a 100 Mile Dance and the centrepiece for an exhibition in June of 2017.
The impromptu drawing fit magically into my garden winding around my pond and creating with its own unique character - I over the next few days I  began dancing around the spiral and by Spring of 2017 I had created a lovely spiral dance path.  I loved dancing a mile a day around the garden.  It was a meditative and enjoyable work.  I watched the seasons changes, certainly amused my neighbours as I gyrated silently attached to my headphones and many desperate genres of music and movement.
Best fun ever.
100 Mile Dance  May 2017

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Watamu Spiral

The Watamu Spiral was the first of a long and continuing journey.  I was invited to Local Ocean Trust, an oceanographic centre and turtle sanctuary in Watamu, Kenya.  Here I had the privilege of being invited to create a prototype for a sculpture to illustrate the poignancy of the ocean and specifically the turtle's plight.  As the spiral symbolises learning or the path to knowledge it was an appropriate image to confront the myriad concerns for ocean and turtle conservation. The spiral is made of illegally killed turtle shells. I hope one day, to complete the installation by creating a permanent piece for the sanctuary,  For additional information on the sanctuary please go to: 


Portea Spiral

This was probably the shortest time in the making and, for me, the most successful of my series of 10 spirals - It was created about 6:30 in a dew laden September Tuesday.
Lyrical portea and yellow petals.  

Pottery Shards Spiral

Sourcing these ceramic fragments in the depths of South Africa was an anomaly.  I hadn't expected to find Victorian and Art Deco shards in the gravel roads in Port Arthur - a learning experience.

Jigsaw Spiral -

Frustrated by inclement weather I sought new material for spiral inspiration - this 'Annunciation ' was a visual narrative - the spiral symbolically representing learning the annunciation seemed a good source material.
Completed as 4th in the series at St Frances

Heart Spiral on Rock Alter

This 'Heart Alter' is one of the 10 day series made at St Francis'
The rocks had a primeval aura and adorning them with heart spirals seemed most fitting.  This 'Heart Alter' is one of the 10 day series made at St Francis' This is two of three.  I watched the rain and wind influence the designs and left the hearts to adorn the environment any way they found their place.  It was lovely witnessing the evolution which occurred through natural causes

Monday, 7 May 2018

Spirals - Stories of Rain

Made near Port Arthur, this large transient Golden Oak leaf spiral was the first in a series created over 10 days in a wonderful natural retreat called St. Francis.
The spiral existed for a short few hours but was a powerful and beautiful symbol for its short life.

Sept 8, 2016     

Sept 9, 2016

Spirals - Stories of Rain - South Africa Summer 2016

Stories of Rain was an exciting adventure in Plettenburg, and Port Arthur South Africa.
Here with the support and sponsorship of Ebeneser Farm and friends in Port Arthur I was able to create large and delicate works inspired by spirals and my on-going interest in ancient figures.
This 'Eve' is a path which as a spiral represents the journey from inexperience to understanding.

Size  30x12 ft.
Material local white stone

Sunday, 20 July 2014

99 Eves

The Eves project is an examination and celebration of the feminine in both women and men.  Inspired by a visit to the British Museums’ Ice Age Exhibition, and a life long affection for the Venus of Willendorf,  the venture asks  us to applaud all facets of the feminine and tp enjoy the  Eves in their collective and individual representations.

Eves invite manipulation and much like netsukes are intended at touch objects.   Each Eve is hollowed and has a small fired heart.  When the figure is moved, it makes a distinctive sound.  Thus each Eve has unique form, surface and voice.
The material, like many primitive female forms, is clay.  Where possible the clay is sourced wherever she is being created.  Surprisingly material has been found at 5,000 feet in the Swiss Alps, the bottom of my garden in London and, in streams and seams throughout the world.
Eves are figures of the subconscious.  While Eves frequently have a story there is never a story before they are made.  They are the result of the energy and feelings I have while they are being created.
They form part of a larger project which is connected with the Native American practice of the 'give-away' and any funds raised through the sale of Eves is used to support non-profit programs and organisations.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Published Torso


Monday, 25 April 2011

Something Better

One for a wish,
Two a letter
Three for a kiss,
and Four for something better
this is an East Anglian version of the magpie sighting rhyme - one I like better than one for sorrow etc...

Sunday, 4 July 2010

It's exciting to develop the ability to increase the scale and energy in these abstracted Vingerling stoneware sculptures. Toni Torso is the most recent in my series of abstracted observational sculptures. My focus is to create movement and provide as much information as possible with the minimum of material. She is finished with porcelain. This piece has been purchased by Bijou Wedding Venues and now resides at Botleys Mansion in Chertsey.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Toni Turning Study

Toni Turning is a marquette for the larger Toni Torso. The inclusion of base and legs seems to ground the figure a little more. I am not convinced it has the same sense of freedom as Toni Torso.
The figure is made from Vingerling white stoneware and feathered with porcelain.

Petra Rocking

Petra Rocking was a happy structural discovery. She actually rocks gently and her curves are echoed by the implied chaise lounge. Made from bisqued Crank she is highlighted with porcelain.

Torn Toni

Torn Toni is a small abstraction in Scarva Ironware and gold leaf. The energy is placed on creating movement and a sense of the dynamics of a reclining figure.


Raven is a figment of my imagination. I am facinated by these intelligent and majestic birds and hope I have reflected this. He is made from Scarva Ironware and finished with a touch of gold.

Raven Girl

This polychomed sculpture was completed last year and recently finished with graphite and silver. The model was from Germany and had a wonderful presence which I hope is captured here

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Herr Hare

This Scarva Ironware figure is a combination of observation and inspiration. While working from our model, I suddenly envisioned the achetypical Hare. Nothing for it, but to make him so.

Size 26cm x12cm
Photography P. Hardenburg

Saturday, 11 April 2009


This chap was a completely subconscious arrival - while doing an observational study he suddenly grew hooves and horns.  The Satyr may speak of secreted, forgotten exploits and reveling. 
24 x 18 x 13 cm

Photography Pamela Hardenburg 

Friday, 3 April 2009


This Vingerling stoneware torso is the first large successful piece using the direct application method.  It is high fired and, as with most of my sculpture, can be displayed inside or in the garden.

43 x 12 x 17 cm

Photography Pamela Hardenburg

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Olivia Torso

This torso has a solid monumental energy, this is especially effective as she is built hollow of Scarva stoneware and areas allow light to flow through the figure.

36 x 13 x 8 cm

Photography P. Hardenburg

Friday, 20 March 2009


This Vingerling stoneware torso is nearly life size.  She is particularly beautiful when the light shines through the open spaces.  I hope one day she'll be placed between a the viewer and a sunrise.

60 x 30 x 40 cm

Photography Ingrid Domeij

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Good Deeds

'Good Deeds' is a small fellow who might echo Ron Mueck's work.  At 21cm he's a little kindness in Scarva black stoneware with gold wings.
21 x 9 x 10 cm

Photography Pamela Hardenburg

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Work in Progress

This gives you some idea of how I work - the method is immediate and the most minimal armature is used.

Photography Pamela Hardenburg

Friday, 13 February 2009


This is the finished piece seen in 'work in progress'.  She is made in Vingerling, a Dutch stoneware, and currently resides in my garden.
The question is always how little is enough.

5 x21 x 28 cm

Photography Ingrid Domeij

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Lucy is a 40cm stoneware abstraction.  She's an interior or garden piece and focus is placed on the simplicity of weight and form.
40 x 15 x 14 cm

Photography Pamela Hardenburg

Monday, 9 February 2009

Dancing Venus

A result of feeling life was a little flat, I created this dancing figure as a symbol of all the joys available to us.
She subconsciously references fertility goddesses and my all time favorite, the Venus of Willendorf.

Photography Ingrid Domeij

Wednesday, 9 July 2008